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Ian Ethan: Links

Wade Sylvester
Nashua, New Hampshire-based luthier Wade Sylvester designs and builds finely crafted instruments customized to each customer's unique playing style.
LR Baggs
The folks at LR Baggs design and build truly innovative, world-class tools for amplifying acoustic stringed instruments. Ian uses the "StagePro Anthem" and "Lyric" internal mic/preamp systems in his double-neck guitars.
Kyser Capos
The company that makes a lot of the capos that Ian uses, including the "short cut" and other "partial" capos.
Presonus' Firestudio and Firestudio Mobile audio interfaces are at the heart of Ian's live performance setup, and were also used for most of the recording on the new kalimba album "The Narrow Way" (Sept. 8, 2012.) In addition, Ian's live sound engineer relies exclusively on Presonus Studio One 2 software for all live mixing duties.
E-Motion Computer Services
In addition to all-around computer repair and service expertise, Nathan Hafford of E-Motion is an expert at optimizing computers to run faster and more reliably when working with audio.
Sid Ceaser Photography
Nashua, New Hampshire-based Sid Ceaser is the talented artist/photographer who took most of the high-quality photos seen on this website (with the exception of the "Open Land" banner at top, taken by Orah Moore.)
Orah Moore Photography
Vermont Photographer Orah Moore took the amazing cover shot on the Into Open Land CD (also seen in the banner at the top of each page on this website.)
Charley Voorhis
Independent filmmaker Charley Voorhis' 2010 film "Harmony Field" features an original soundtrack by Ian.
Peter Bruce Wilder - Ergo Communications
Composer/producer/audio engineer Peter Bruce Wilder has won several Emmy Awards for his work as a composer for film and TV projects, and helped master several tracks on Ian's debut CD Into Open Land.
Peter Stevens - Freedlight Sonics
Audio engineer Peter Stevens did the final mastering of Ian's debut album Into Open Land as well as The Narrow Way, and runs an excellent recording studio in St. Louis, MO.
Motoshi Kosako
A true pioneer on the orchestral harp and one of the only harpists in the world to successfully and compellingly use the instrument in a jazz setting, Motoshi and Ian have performed together multiple times and occupy a similar realm of music somewhere at the intersection of jazz, chamber music, world, blues, new age, and instrumental folk.
Matthew Schoening
Electric Cellist Matthew Schoening, a master of live looping and an equally gifted composer, and another kindred spirit in the world of new instrumental music.
Vladiswar Nadishana
Siberian multi-instrumentalist and inventor of a number of fascinatingly unique instruments.
Manu Delago
Austrian Hang Drum virtuoso Manu Delago's "Handmade Trio" toured the US in 2009 with Ian as an opening act and guest musician. Ian also appears on his 2008 holiday album "Adventions."