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Ian Ethan: Music

The Narrow Way (CD + immediate download)

Consisting of nine original compositions and built around Ian's unique work on the kalimba and fretless guitar, "The Narrow Way" features some of the best up-and-coming musicians from around the country including Jeremy Kittel (viola, violin), Nathaniel Smith (cello), Matt Kilmer (percussion), Caleb Dolister (drums), Jason Rafalak (upright bass), Dylan Coleman (upright bass), and Edward Howe (5-string electric fiddle) as well as gorgeous cover photography by outdoor photographer Jim Stimson (Crowley Lake, CA) and award-winning portrait photographer Sid Ceasar (Nashua, NH.)

The Narrow Way (solo kalimba bonus tracks)

These alternate mixes feature solo kalimba or "kalimba-only" versions of 8 songs from the official Narrow Way CD and digital album. Hear all of the same kalimba parts in a revealing, intimate, stripped-down setting with this alternative version of the album!

The Gift (2011) - Free Download!

"The Gift" is a song normally performed live (and solo) with a looping pedal which is used to record phrases on the spot as they are sung or played, and then repeat them. These repeated phrases (loops) can then be turned on and off, switched between, faded in and out, replaced, or layered with an unlimited number of additional musical phrases.

This solo studio sketch version, recorded in July 2011, features over 90 layers of 18-string double-neck acoustic guitars, vocals, shakers, and fretless nylon string guitars. A new, higher-quality recording of this piece is planned for 2013 as part of a new solo album.

Into Open Land (2008)

Ian Ethan's debut CD Into Open Land (August 2008)--featuring nine original instrumental compositions performed on the acoustic double-neck guitar--comprises the first chapter of what promises to be a long, engaging, fruitful journey through the new musical territory that this unique 18-string instrument provides access to.

Includes the solo pieces "Appalachia By Air", "Into Open Land", "Along the Path", "North By Northeast", "The Gears of Man", and "Out From the Stars" (the latter featuring instrumental vocals by Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen), as well as three pieces orchestrated for a full "band" (with bass, drums, percussion, and multiple double-necks all played by Ian) including "Call of the Hill", "Fourth Corner", and the meticulously crafted, climactic nine-minute closer "Sky Forest / Through the Storm / Rejoicing".